Mobilization Before A Battle

Today is a great moment in which all of you have the opportunity to live in this peaceful age or maybe you might not know what true wars are like.

In the years when everything was cruel, the damage of the imperial army, the war of the gods, and the invasion of the demon god Karin Mevinson Wee, has made the entire world fused with the smoke of gunpowder and there are no sunlight to be seen. Facing their rampancy in our homeland, and the destruction of our ancestors unscrupulously, it is the army of the kingdom and the HsiaYiHsuan queens and the ShingChenShir goddess that put oneself forward and regardless of any prices and destroys the imperial army and unifies the chaotic situation.

The killing of the demon god Vee is what they have once done for us.

So today, what would we do for them?

We dare to resist and swear not to give up and we would pledge our life to safeguard everything have exchanged for us with blood and life.

Today, I, you! Or you! Or you, might die here, but dying on this battlefield, would make death even glorious.

That is for the protection of the children that we treasure the most, and the dignity of our parents, lovers, our kingdoms, queens and goddesses.

Who of you would be fearful of such a death? Do any of you reject getting a great honor such as this? All of you will become a legend after this! We! The immortal army!!

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